A professionally run Fun Casino Night will add that touch of glamour and excitement to your function. All of our tables are full sized and fully authentic, our Croupiers are fully trained and professional and are happy to explain the games and entertain your guests for the night.

The set up crew will have the tables and accessories for your casino party set up and ready to go at your location approximately 30 mins to one hour before your event begins.  Professionally attired Croupiers will be behind their casino tables and ready to deal approximately 10mins before the casino opens.

Before we open the casino we will distribute our  "fun money" to your guests or you can distribute it yourself to your guests, the guests can then exchange the "fun money" for casino chips at whichever tables they wish to play at.


Guests can begin play once they have exchanged their "fun money" for casino chips.

Minimum and maximum wagers are established before play so as to ensure the games run at a good pace and guests don't run out of chips too quickly.  If the guests are inexperienced or complete novices our Croupiers will talk them through the games so that everybody has a great time in the Casino atmosphere.


Approximately 15 mins before the closing of the Casino the Croupier will call "last 3 spins" or "last shoe"  and after that the guests will cash in their chips at the gaming tables to establish who the outright winner is.

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